If your facility needs a compressed air solution, you have many options to choose from. But with all of the brands, styles, and sizes available, it can be difficult to narrow that choice down to one that best fits your needs.

In this article, we’ll discuss one compressed air solution that many people forget about, but could benefit greatly from: a portable air compressor.

What Is a Portable Air Compressor, and What Is It Used For?

Portable air compressors are compact, lightweight, transportable compressed air solutions. Equipped with wheels and running gear for towing, they’re made for the road. Because of this unique design, portable air compressors are used to complete jobs at various locations.

5 Common Applications for Portable Air Compressors

The bottom line is that if you need instant access to compressed air at a remote jobsite, you need a portable air compressor. That being said, there are a few industries and applications that are most reliant on them, including:

1. Construction

At construction sites, workers need a consistent source of compressed air to power tools like drills, hammers, and nail guns. But when there isn’t an existing facility with an air compressor already installed at the jobsite, a portable air compressor needs to be brought in. It’s also possible that construction workers visit various sites in just one day or week, so having a machine that can go wherever they go is very convenient.

2. Manufacturing

While many manufacturing facilities have large air compressors permanently installed, some of them use portable air compressors as backup units. Most portable air compressors are fuel powered, so they’re great to have on hand in case of a power outage or electrical emergency. They keep production running smoothly, which is exactly what manufacturers need to be successful.

3. Agriculture

Farming is a job that requires consistent care, attention, and power to produce the best results. Whether they’re spraying crops or operating dairy equipment, many farmers benefit from the use of portable air compressors that they can move to any spot on their multi-acre property.

4. Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas industry, workers need portable air compressors to power equipment at various onshore and offshore drilling sites. They also rely on the machines to install reactor rods and control coolant and steam circuit valves.

5. Pharmaceutical

From running conveyor systems to applying coatings, pharmaceutical companies need compressed air for their everyday operations. They benefit from portable air compressors if their facility is exceptionally large and they need multiple units in different rooms for streamlined processes. Also, similar to many manufacturing companies, they can use portable air compressors as a backup solution to their traditional compressor.

The Benefits of Using a Portable Air Compressor

Besides being mobile and able to use at multiple locations, portable air compressors have a variety of other benefits as well, including:

  • Long runtimes – Portable air compressors are lightweight and compact, but they can still pack a punch. They’re capable of full-day operation, so you don’t need to worry about taking breaks while getting your job done.
  • Durable – If your compressor is traveling down the road and to various job sites, it needs to be able to withstand tough weather and terrain. Luckily, most portable air compressors are built sturdily and come with an all-weather lubricant to keep them running, no matter what.
  • Easy maintenance – The compact design of portable air compressors offers a user-friendly control panel and easy access to any parts that may need maintenance.
  • Multiple engine options – Depending on which type of portable air compressor you choose, there can be multiple engine options with varying operating speeds, horsepowers, and other performance specifications. Some of these engines even come with a variable speed drive, so you can apply varied pressures required for different applications.

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