Compressed Air System Optimization

On average, any facility can expect that over the life of an air compressor, about 80% of what you’ll spend on that machine goes to electricity. Air compressors are a necessary industrial tool, but they make up a significant portion of your electricity bills every month — accounting for 10-20% of your plant’s electricity. With that much capital going to your compressed air system, it’s paramount that your machines, and your system as a whole, is functioning as efficiently as possible. That’s why TMI offers comprehensive compressed air system audits. We take a close look at your entire system and work to identify opportunities for significant improvement.

TMI Compressed Air System Audits

The TMI team believes in smart, energy-efficient compressed air systems. Our engineers work hard to design and build systems that are the most efficient for any application, but we also dedicate a significant portion of our business to helping companies optimize their existing systems with comprehensive system audits. TMI performs hundreds of audits every year, answering questions like: 

  • How much are you spending on electricity to run your compressed air system? 
  • Is your system efficient across all shifts, weekdays, and weekends?
  • Is your plant operating without true backup?
  • Is your air dryer performing as designed?
  • How much money are you wasting on leaks each year? How much money would it cost to fix those leaks?

Using kW and pressure loggers, we can accurately and comprehensively measure your existing system and benchmark it against industry averages. With this data we can also model just how effective system improvements would be, complete with return-on-investment figures.

At TMI, we firmly believe auditing is absolutely necessary to make educated decisions for your system. With concrete data at your fingertips, you can ensure your compressed air system is working for you, without costing more than it needs to.

Identifying and Addressing Air Compressor Leaks

The greatest threat to an efficient compressed air system is air leaks. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that the average leakage rate for industrial facilities here is around 25%. In addition to the additional electricity draw that leaks create, air compressor leaks can also contribute to operating losses. The greater number and magnitude of air compressor leaks, the lower the pressure in your system. And a system operating below pressure can affect air tools and equipment, reducing output and productivity alike. 

As compressed air system optimization experts, the team at TMI has the equipment, the capability, and the technical experience to help you find and fix air leaks. Our full system audit will help you determine which air leaks are most pressing and which are most cost-effective to fix, securing greater energy savings and increased productivity for your plant.

Finding Energy Rebates For Your Equipment

Utility companies know that air compressors consume huge amounts of energy. That’s why they incentivize companies to buy the most efficient compressed air system possible. Just about every utility out there has prescriptive and custom rebates for compressed air projects. At TMI, we know the rebate programs better than anyone and can guide you through the process of maximizing your rebate. 

The rebates can be massive. In some cases, utility companies will send you a check for 30-40% of the compressor cost. See the range of popular incentives: