Air Compressor Energy Rebates

Utility companies know that compressed air systems draw a massive amount of electricity. That’s why compressed air systems often have some of the greatest opportunities for energy savings. At TMI, we are air compressor energy efficiency experts. We understand the rebate process and know how to maximize the money coming to you. From prescriptive measures to custom, our team of experts knows how to navigate the many utility rebate programs and determine the exact amount of rebate money you are eligible for. 

Below is a sample of some of the rebates available for compressed air equipment. Contact us today to find out how much you could receive.


Energy Rebate Application

TMI Compressed Air System Audits

At TMI, your bottom line is always our first priority. As an air compressor distributor and compressed air system expert, we know firsthand how expensive air compressors can be, both to purchase and to run. Compressed air system audits are an important method of reducing those energy costs. Not only do system audits help you determine where you may be losing air, but when completed by qualified technicians, audits identify key areas where your system can be optimized for increased savings, as well as any energy rebates that accompany those upgrades. 

That’s why at TMI, our compressed air system audits work to identify opportunities to increase energy efficiency — working to minimize your operational costs and increase productivity simultaneously. TMI compressed air system audits always include any applicable energy rebates that your company might qualify for, to ensure that whatever optimizations you make, you’re getting the most from your investment.