TMI Compressed Air — Your Complete Compressed Air System Supplier

TMI Compressed Air is a complete compressed air system supplier. We supply everything from the big equipment all the way down to the smallest internal parts that keep your air system running efficiently. While engineering and installing smart, efficient compressed air systems is our specialty, we know that no compressed air system is efficient when it’s working with old or inferior parts. As a compressed air system supplier, we’re here to ensure that your system is always running at peak performance, which means offering the parts and accessories you need, whenever you need them.

TMI Air Compressor Parts

Shutdowns and downtime are often the result of faulty or old parts. The TMI team is here to make sure your air compressors and compressed air systems are always running at peak performance with the parts you need for any system or compressor on the market. Whether you need an emergency part or a backup replacement filter, our shelves are stocked with everything you need, and our technicians are ready to help however we can.

TMI Aluminum Air Compressor Piping

Any compressed air system is only as good as its weakest link. For most compressed air systems, that’s the piping and the connections that join each pipe. TMI places a priority on energy efficiency, which means reducing and eliminating air leaks across all systems. Infinity aluminum air compressor piping with intuitive lock and seal technology is one of the solutions we use to design and build the most efficient compressed air systems on the market.