A quality compressed air system means more than just air compressor installation. The way your system is designed and installed can have a significant impact on your business’ bottom line. At TMI, we work hard to develop smart air systems — systems that are energy-efficient and intuitively designed to respond to changes in production. If you need a new compressed air system, emergency replacement equipment, or even upgrades to an existing system, TMI has the engineering, design, and installation capabilities to help.

Complete Compressed Air System Design and Installation

If your company is building a new site or starting its compressed air system from scratch, TMI is here to help with everything from system design to air compressor installation. We are system efficiency experts. We work to develop compressed air systems that can keep up with any situation your facility or production line might throw at it, while also prioritizing energy efficiency. Air compressors command a significant portion of your total electricity costs. We’re here to help you develop an air system that reduces those monthly costs, while also supporting your facility’s every need for peak performance with little to no downtime.

Engineer and Build Services for Compressed Air System and Equipment Upgrades

System and equipment upgrades can provide significant returns in increased production, reduced maintenance costs, and energy savings. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your system to increase capacity or swap an older air compressor for a more energy-efficient model,  the engineers at TMI are here to help. We work to develop solutions that meet your goals while offering you the very best performance. With a plan for your system or equipment upgrades in hand, our factory-trained technicians will handle an efficient, reliable installation to get your facility running at peak performance in no time.

24/7 Emergency Air Compressor Installation

When your air compressor shuts down, you need a replacement as quickly as possible. Shutdowns mean halted production, and lost profits. TMI understands that when your air compressor is down, the installation of a new one is important, now. We offer 24/7 emergency air compressor installation and compressed air system service to ensure that no matter the problem, we can provide a solution as quickly as possible. With both new and rental equipment at your disposal, our technicians have service vehicles already loaded up and ready to solve whatever emergency you’re facing.