When air quality is critical, operating an oil-free compressor is the best option.  Traditional oil-flooded rotary screw compressors and oil-flooded reciprocating compressors need oil in the air compression process, which naturally tends to contaminate downstream air flow.  While air treatment products like filters and dryers are always a good idea, they are not the best safeguard against all oil migrating to end-users in a plant.  That’s why oil-free compressors, which use no oil in the air compression process, are a good idea.

Oil Free Scroll – SRL Series

2HP – 44HP | 5 cfm – 129 cfm

The Sullair SRL line of scroll compressors are reliable, efficient, and super quiet.  Built on Hitachi engineering, the Sullair scroll compressor is simple to install and easy to maintain.  The compressors are so quiet – some as low as 48 dBA – that they can be installed as point-of-use on the shop floor.

The SRL series comes standard with the following:

  • TEFC motor
  • Simplex or Multiplex scroll pumps (up to 6)
  • Intake filter
  • Discharge Stop Valve
  • After-Cooler
  • Vibration Isolating Pads
  • SRL Series Controller

Oil Free Rotary Screw – DSP Series

30HP – 300HP | 117 cfm – 1303 cfm

The Sullair DSP series oil-free rotary screw compressors are the best choice for applications requiring continuous oil-free air between 100 cfm to 1300 cfm.  Fixed speed or variable speed drive, the Sullair DSP line of compressors are the most efficient and dependable compressors in the market.  All DSP compressors come standard with the following:

  • Industry leading 3-year package warranty
  • Hitachi two-stage air end with stainless steel rotors
  • Hitachi TEFC main motor and cooling fan motor
  • Patented Oil Mist Remover
  • Patented High Pre-Cooler and After-cooler
  • Motorized Discharge Isolation Valve

Oil Free Centrifugal – T and f Series

175HP – 4300HP | 550 cfm – 11,750 cfm

For plants that need consistently large amounts of air, centrifugal compressors are unmatched in the following ways:

  • Energy Efficiency – using up to 4 stages of compression with intercoolers, centrifugal compressors are absolutely the most efficient way to compress large amounts of air for a plant.
  • Low Maintenance Costs – centrifugal compressors have virtually no known life expectancy because the internal parts are non-contacting and kept extremely cool. Maintenance is largely inspections and cleanings while overhauls or component replacements rare.
  • Class 0 Air Quality – as a bonus to efficiency and low maintenance costs, centrifugal compressors provide oil-free air